Our Mission

Our goal is to enhance the beauty of your lawn and the value of your communities. Whether you’re starting from scratch or it’s time to rebuild an aging yard. The team at Optimal Turf Care is here to help with every aspect of your landscaping needs.

If your yard just needs a little love, our expert lawn care team is here to help. We will feed your grass, service trees, shrubs and bushes, treat weeds and keep your yard looking amazing. Avoid the inconvenience and endless hours of work of yard maintenance. Let Optimal Turf Care take the hassle out of having a great looking home.



Weed Control

Pre-emergent and Post-emergent applications at the right time. Weeds are opportunists. They’ll quickly move into any bare spots.



Grass nutrients are the key to growing a beautiful and lush lawn. Your lawn should be fertilized at least three times a year.



It’s an easy way to fill in bare spots, improve the density of turf, establish improved grass varieties and enhance your lawn’s color.



Perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.


Lawn Analysis

Our professionals will be able to evaluate the following and give experienced advice on how to handle your lawn's specific needs.


Free Retreatment

Our service is guaranteed for free retreatment between regularly scheduled services. To make any necessary adjustments.

Useful Tips

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Lawns are water guzzlers. On average, most lawns need 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week to stay lush and green. That water can come from rainfall or irrigation. How often your lawn needs a drink depends on a host of factors, including things like soil type, sunlight, grass type and regional climate.

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Set your mower at the highest preferred setting for your grass type, cutting only the top 1/3 of the grass blades at any one time. Why? Because properly mowed grass can grow and support more roots and develop a deeper root system to find water and nutrients in the soil.

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Excessive leaf matter on your lawn going into winter is bad for several reasons. First, it will smother the grass and if not removed very soon in the spring it will inhibit growth. Second, it can promote the snow mold diseases.


Very responsive to my needs. Helpful with suggestion for what I wanted accomplished with keeping the cost down as a main criteria. Personnel were very professional and knowledgeable in their field. They were very professional and friendly, show up on time and finished when they said they would, I will use them again for my next project and have already recommended them to my neighbors. Jane H.
Since we switched our service to this company, our grass has become greener and looks healthier. They really take care of it and does a good job, the workers are nice and friendly, we love the online request as well, very convenient and they make sure they take care of all your requests. Good customer service and they make sure that they will call you back and resolve any issues regarding the service. We are so happy with this company. Thank you, Optimal Turf Care! The McPhersons
I called up Optimal Turf Care when my lawn was looking pretty bad and when I called, they were able to immediately get my service booked. They scheduled their lawn techs to come out that week and they did great work! The lawn tech was very professional and experienced, gave great tips for my lawn and what to do and keep it green. Easy to work with, easy to book and I will definitely be using them again! John B
Excellent, reliable lawn service. The results of Optimal Turf Care work is almost always great. They showed up right on time, friendly and knowledgeable crew. Would definitely recommend to friends. Every time I needed something or had an issue they will take care of it right away. Thanks for your great service guys. When I move I will make sure to bring your services to my new home. Lorraine S